About the CustomShow Desktop Viewer:

The CustomShow Desktop Viewer gives you access to all your SlideShows and allows you to present them without an Internet Connection.

• Review all your available SlideShows and their status (downloaded and ready to view, updated and requiring download to view new updates, partially downloaded but requiring a refresh to acquire changes)
• Download and save selected SlideShows to your desktop for offline playback
• Be informed of, and make updates to SlideShows when new versions are available online
• View SlideShows that have been shared with you by other CustomShow users

Installation Information:

• Click on the CustomShow Icon to the right to install the CustomShow Desktop Viewer
• Adobe AIR is required to run the Desktop Viewer
• For more information on installing the AIR App, click here

Signing in to the CustomShow Desktop Viewer
• Once installed, sign in to the CustomShow Desktop Viewer using your email and CustomShow Online password
• If you don't remember your password, click on the "Forgot Password? Recover Password" link and procedure for resetting your password will initiate.
To access new presentations in the CustomShow Desktop Viewer
• From the CustomShow Online application, create SlideShows using the SlideShow Console. For more information about SlideShows, click here
• Have other CustomShow users share SlideShows with you from the CustomShow Online SlideShow Viewer or from the Manage SlideShows Console in CustomShow Online

Install the CustomShow Desktop Viewer:

Flash Player is required to launch the installer.
Please use the link below to dowload the installation file manually.
To download the CustomShow Desktop Viewer application, click here.
For help with the CustomShow Desktop Viewer, please contact CustomShow Support at support@customshow.com.